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Medication Management



1. Load

You put the senior’s medications into individual cups and load them into the dispenser. Provide the medication schedule to Philips Lifeline and we will program the dispenser for you.

2. Dispense

The senior presses the button when they hear the reminder. The dispenser will dispense the medication that you have loaded for the senior, at the programmed times.

3. Alert

The dispenser is connected to the senior's telephone line, so if the senior misses a dose, the dispenser can contact you or another family member. You can then check on the senior to make sure they are getting their medication.


 The Maya is a wireless pill dispenser that looks like a basic seven-day pillbox. Designed with ease of use in mind, its simple and friendly interface has no digital readouts or buttons. The medication dispenser contains 28 compartments for a week’s supply of medication and can accommodate dozens of different types of pills.

Equipped with wireless technology (internal cellular modem) that updates the Maya's central computer about the patient’s dosage activity. This information is available online for caregivers who can also receive immediate email or text messages notifications and weekly reports.

You or your caregiver can easily program the pill dispenser and customize preferences remotely via the Internet. At the patient’s home, there is no need for a computer, phone line, wireless router or any other form of Internet access – all that is required is electricity and cellular coverage.


MedReady conveniently utilizes AC power, but in the event of an outtage or short-term travel, switches automatically to included rechargeable batteries.

MedReady is tamper-resistant to provide the maximum in security. Instead of employing a latch, our system utilizes a real lock and key, and the edges are secure. With access by key-only, caregivers can load MedReady and monitor patient compliance.

Useable Clock
The extra large LED read-out is easily viewed from any angle and is self-illuminating so it can be seen in any light.

Medication Card Holder
MedReady provides a card holder on the bottom of the unit for a printed copy of the prescriptions for all medications in the dispenser.

Easy-to-Set Alarms
Setting the timers and alarms is as easy as setting a digital alarm clock.

Remote monitoring services for elders and the disabled, aging in place and transitional care.

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